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No. 1 An Introduction to Bird Mouth Joinery

Basic information about bird mouth router bits in woodworking. What they are, how to use them for bird mouth joinery, possible problems, examples of projects using them. A video for woodworkers unfamiliar with these router bits.

No. 2 Using the 6-side Bird Mouth Router Bit

The 6-side bit produces triangle, lozenge and trapezoid shapes, as well as hexagons. Use of this bit with different stave widths demonstrates how bird mouth joinery easily delivers unique and unusual shapes when used for vessel construction. Two triangular waterproof wood vases (made from ebony, pear, holly, lytchee) are briefly described that take advantage of these joinery methods.

No. 3 What's special about the 8-side Bird Mouth Router Bit?

The 8-side bit produces lozenge, diamond, oval, square, rectangular and trapezoid shapes, as well as regular octagons, simply by varying stave width. Application of this simple edge-routing technique to construction of a napkin holder and a jewelry box, using walnut, maple and/or holly, is briefly described.

No. 4 A Unique 8-sided PortableToolbox

This functional tool box is easily constructed via bird mouth joinery. Construction details are provided: routing the bird mouth joints, dry assembly via a taping technique, shaping the eight-sided top and bottom, the stepwise glue-up sequence. This tool box exemplifies the underused versatility of bird mouth joinery in box construction.

No. 5 Elegant Napkin Holders

Two high-quality napkin holders are built via 8-side bird mouth joinery. Details of the process from wood selection to parts assembly, glue-up to final finish, are shown and discussed. This project further demonstrates the potential of bird mouth joinery as as an elegant alternative to conventional joinery.

No. 6 Wooden Hinges and Clasps

Custom wooden hinges and clasps can easily be made for almost any wood project, avoiding the need for metal hardware and giving a truly unique appearance to the work. This video describes a versatile method for making practical wooden hinges of almost any size and shape. The construction of a mahogany hinge and clasp is described in detail, followed by their installation on a decorative bird mouth joinery box.

No. 7 A Redwood Barrel Planter

The construction of a unique, patio-style redwood planter is described. It is designed around the idea of a horizontal barrel and is constructed with bird mouth joinery, providing straightforward and simple assembly. Two stands are provided: a low one for near-ground level use and a taller one that allows tending without stooping. This planter would be useful and decorative in any informal patio/garden environment. Charts with planter dimensions are here.

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