David Henry Wood Arts

Frequently Asked Questions/General Information

What about shipping?

Purchased art works will normally be shipped within 24 hours. Should unforeseen circumstances interfere with normal processing, buyer will be immediately contacted by email and a new schedule established.

After careful packing, purchased works will be shipped by UPS. A buyer who wants another delivery option (e.g. expedited shipping) should contact me immediately to make alternate arrangements. I will be happy to accommodate if at all possible.

If I have questions after receiving my purchase . . . ?

All items will be shipped in good condition and as pictured on the gallery page. Should there be any questions after receiving a purchased art work, buyer should contact me immediately (within 24 hours) by email or telephone for discussion of the situation. I want my customers to be fully satisfied with their purchase, indeed totally delighted, and will make every effort to see that their concerns are alleviated.

I saw works in the gallery that I liked a lot but they weren't exactly what I wanted . . . . ?

I will be happy to discuss commissioned works. After agreement is reached on the details and nature of the project, the commissioning party will not be required to accept the work should they be dissatisfied when it is completed. This is another way of saying that I won’t undertake any work that doesn’t fit into my concept of artistic viability, but would be delighted to discuss the prospect of a cooperative work.

Could I see more images of a work that I Think I like, before buying?

Yes. If you would like an additional view or two of an item in the gallery, in order to decide whether you want to buy it, please contact me. Whenever possible, I will photograph what you want and send the images to you by email.

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