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The Abstract Wood Sculptures of John Markevich
Artwork Network
Australian Wood Art Gallery
Bungendore Wood Works
Fine Woodcarving WebRing
FunctionalArts -- fine furniture and accessories
GUILD.com -- full spectrum art gallery including quality wood works
Juried Online Arts Festival -- wood
Thierry Varem-Sanders Carving gallery


About Woodworking
Delta Woodworking Equipment
Forestworld -- resource for the wood and forest products industry
Klingspor's Woodworking Shop
Roche U. Rochester woodworking info
San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association
Tropical Exotic Hardwoods Of Latin America
WOOD ONLINE - a woodworker's resource
WOODWEB -- woodworking industry information
Woodworker west publication
Woodworking Catalog Companies
Woodworking.com - Your Woodworking Start Page
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